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About Orphalan

At Orphalan we identify, develop and provide access to innovative treatments for patients with rare diseases.

At Orphalan we strive to develop rare disease treatments to improve patients' lives

At Orphalan we identify, develop, and provide access to innovative treatments for patients with rare diseases to make a positive and meaningful difference. We work together by, listening to patients and putting them first, enables us to provide treatments and services that work for them.

We use a global network of experts including scientists, academic institutions and companies with innovative technologies to provide support to patients.

Our Research

At Orphalan we continuously invest in research and development, actively exploring novel drug options to treat a range of devastating rare diseases.

Our goal is for patients to receive the best treatment possible by developing comprehensive research and development programs, delivering educational programs to patients and physicians.

Our Offer

At Orphalan we offer the following approach:

  • Putting patients at the core of everything we do
  • A primary focus on rare, often fatal diseases where current therapeutic options do not exist, are suboptimal, or are associated with severe complications
  • Evidence based treatments: All our treatments are backed by data driven generation of scientific evidence.
  • Successful commercial and regulatory implementation of treatments across multiple markets

Our Drivers

We drive our business forward by sharing the same core values:

To make a meaningful difference to patients living with rare diseases, who have limited or no options for treatment.
Relentless perseverance and patience to find the right solution for patients with unaddressed medical needs.
Connecting our expertise, patient insight, and innovative thinking to work together in developing treatments to improve patients' lives.
Utilising leading experts, scientists, and academic institutions to further pharmaceutical development, combining clinical evidence with experience.
Functioning as a dynamic team. Quick in solving any challenge that may arise and by proactively offering services and solutions for the patients who need them.

Orphalan Team


Naseem Amin

Chief Executive Officer & Director

Massimo Boriero

Chief Commercial Officer - Global

Chahra Louafi

Board Observer

Shahzad Malik

Chairman of the Board

Jean-Francois Morin

Non Executive Director

Margot Pisani

Head commercial hub Malta

Angelita Briffa

Chief Accounting Officer

Sandra Bensoussan

Chief Legal Officer

Sujatha Karoor

Vice President Business Development

Geraldine Van Den Broek

Head of Corporate & Business Development

Omar Camille Kamlin

Senior Medical Director

Tim Jenkins

Chief Development Officer

Chris Homan

Chief Quality Officer

Kaasim Mahmood

Non Executive Director

Emmanuelle Voisin

Non Executive Director

Dmitry Paramonov

Head of US Commercial Organisation

Our Investors

We are a French biotechnology company founded in 2011 and are proud to be supported by a group of leading investors whose shared vision is to create a business that delivers a meaningful and impactful difference to the lives of patients suffering from rare diseases.

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